About Cricket St. Thomas

The historic Cricket St. Thomas estate was owned by Walter de Rodney in 1328. Then in 1775 the Estate was acquired by Alexander Hood whose heir the 2nd Baron Bridport married Horatio Nelson’s niece. In 1898 the Fry Chocolate family bought the estate before selling to the Halls. In 1966 the Taylor family bought the estate which now has Warner’s Hotel at its centre.

Swandown Lodges and the remainder of the Estate are owned and run by the Taylor family, who have created a number of walks over the 1,000 acres so that guests can appreciate the beautiful views and general enjoyment of the countryside.

The land is predominantly grassland, grazed for the production of lamb and beef, and woodlands are managed for forestry and game shooting from October to February.

Address & Facilities


Cricket St. Thomas
TA20 4DD